10 Places For Romantic Dates In Houston

Some couples guard the names of places for romantic dates in Houston as if they were closely held family secrets. Many of these little known places where lovers go rarely get mentioned by the mainstream publications and some locals would like to keep it that way.

The city seldom gets credit for it’s dynamic nightlife, even though Houston has some incredibly chic places to take a date.

Remember, you and your significant other have at your disposal, some of the same chic places, where you can eat the same incredible dishes that are available to some of the high profile duos like Jay-Z and Beyonce', Heidi and Shane Battier and others that frequent the restaurants and entertainment venues in Houston.

If you are searching for a way to transform a typical night together into a romantic rendezvous what you need is this exciting list of cool date ideas. They are from Micheal Webb a dating expert featured on Oprah, Men's  Health and other media outlets. It is just the kind of game changing info you need to spice up a night in H-town.

Seldom will anyone feel the need to fly the coop to visit New York or Los Angeles for a unique intimate evening. Those of us who know our way around both the East and the West coast rate this city just as fun-tastic as any other city in the U.S.

It would not be consider as one of the top metros in the country without having quality hotels, restaurants, spas, and other amenities favored by married, single and mature couples, that are on par with those in other big cities.

Things Couples Can Do In Houston

Houston has plenty to offer couples that like to boogie woogie, party hearty or just dine and recline. To find some of the lively places you have to know someone who knows their way around the city like it’s the back of their hand.

Read on to find out about some of the city's incredible regional and international food. We included spots where you can enjoy an enchanting evening on Valentines day in Houston or any day of the week and places that don't mind pampering people in twos.

Some of these places are off the beaten path while some of the best are right under your nose. It won ‘t take a special word or code to get you into these exquisite places, just knowing where to go will do the trick of turning any night of the week into an intimate rendezvous.

We built our list to give married and singles on a date more than just details about places to eat on a date night. They will be able to carpe momento (sieze the moment) and take advantage of the ambiance and opportunity for togetherness at each of these fantastic couple-friendly places in Houston.

Houston Nite Spots For Great Dates

Fine Dinning

Brenner's Steakhouse- expensive and worth every penny
La Trattoria - Incredible Italian food

Scenic Cruises And Boat Tours
Buffalo Bayou Boat Tours
Murder Mystery cruises

Dance and Dine
To get your party on while visiting Midtown Houston
Cafe 4214
Almeda at Wheeler
When hanging close to the coastal suburbs, Clear Lake, Kemah, Texas City is a must then stop in for some uniqe entertainment at:
Murder By Chocolate Mystery Dinner Theater
316 W Nasa Rd 1,

More Romantic Adventures For Couples To Enjoy

More cool stuff that will make an intimate evening sizzle:

Chartered Balloon Ride
Bear Creek Balloons

weekend stargazing @ George Observatory
Brazos Bend State Park
Get there early tickets are first-come, first-served basis, starting at 5 pm.

Ways To Pamper Your Mate

Day Spas and salons In And Around Downtown Houston

Midtown Retreat Salon & Day Spa

Personal Chef's In Houston

Houston is home to a long list of world class personal chef's who can prepare dazzling dishes the two of you will be delighted to devour. If you have an insatiable sweet tooth you may want to contact:
Chef Tarsha
Specializes as a Pastry Chef & Baker. She was selected as one of top “40 Under 40 Chefs” in the nation.

When it comes to finding places for romantic dates in Houston, you don’t have to be Casanova, Romeo or Juliet to realize that these are indeed some very special places. The best things to do on a date night are activities that allow to two of you to lounge around and stay loose to uninhibited throughout the evening.

Getting to and from some of these places will require good timing. To avoid after work traffic jams wait until after the 5pm rush hour is over to head out. You should always be prepared while waiting to be seated in restaurants to engage in plenty of honest and flattering small talk, in case your time at the bar is longer than usual. Let us know if you enjoyed or disdained these lovers hideouts from our list by leaving a note in the comment section. But if you really want to make your partner feel special, include these date ideas as part of your regular routine. For more ideas on things to do on a date use the tags below to checkout some of the other tips on "things for couples to do."

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