Alternative Media In Houston

If you're into alternative media you can find lots of things to do in Houston and other creative professionals to hangout with in this fantastic city. People who are serious about film, video and open access to the media can sharpen their craft and network with other professionals in Houston through SWAMP( Southwest Alternative Media Project) and the Houston Independent Media Center.

These two Houston area organizations are where the thought leaders and professionals that are on the cutting edge of new media come together. They're shaping the new roles for television, movies and how news is crafted, created and presented in America.


SWAMP promotes the creation and appreciation of film, video and new media by providing independent makers with opportunities for professional development education, screenings, Texas PBS television broadcast, and a variety of other programs.

They host workshops, seminars, short film showcases and participate in Houston's annual Cinema Arts Festival. If you your business is film in Texas you need to connect with SWAMP and take part in some of the program offerings they produce throughout the state.

One of the recent educational workshops was a 2 day course in After Effects. It was designed to give the first time user a basic understanding of the tools, workflow and capabilities of the program (as well an understanding of compositing and how it differs from the editing process.) It covered all of the techniques from keyframing, layering, nested compositions, rotoscoping, to color correction, chroma key (green and blue screen), animated text and 3D space.

Houston Independent Media

The collective known as the Houston Indymedia is an all volunteer group that's committed to using media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice. They provide a refreshing alternative to for-profit media. Their focus is broader than just local news coverage, and strives to give a balanced representation to news from around the world to emphasis our global connections.

Much of the news they report is focused on local social movements, and explores dissent, critiques corporate, government and military domination, and promotes art, culture and critical thinking. They encourgae everyone with varying viewpoints to contribute to their website and have input through their local radio show that airs on KPFT every Friday at 7:30pm.

Film and Arts In Houston

Houston is a hotbed for alternative media in Texas. Rice University and University of Houston have thriving programs that offer education and employment opportunities for professionals serious about shaping the ideas and roles of art, film, television and movies.

Throughout November Midtownlive will have more details about these groups and this month's Houston Cinema Arts Festival. It celebrates innovative cinema, mixed-media performances and new media. They are instrumental in enriching the film and arts environment, and fostering cross-cultural understanding and installations to promote Houston's economic development.

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