Free Events In Houston This Week

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How would you like to attend 2 cool, free events in Houston this week, a national trivia competition and a local inventors conference that everyone will enjoy? If you want something even more exciting, you can always laugh it up, with the city's funniest, wittiest, all around best comedians in the city.

These activities, are events in Houston where you'll meet other professionals to add to your network or just chill out with your family. You can always count on us to find plenty of exciting events in and around Midtown Houston.

National Trivia Challenge

At Firkin & Phoenix Pub you can relax and watch MLB, play a stimulating round of Buzztime trivia and toss a few darts. Remember, it's free all day on Monday's to shoot a game of pool. Firkin's is an official site in Houston for the Buzztime Final Round of "25 Years of Sports Challenge". An interactive trivia competition.

It's a game that lets you match wits against the best players from other cities in North America to play for a smorgasbord of prizes. In the end, the highest scorers from around the nation (plus two wild card winners each night) will win a spot in the Sports Legends Challenge activities at Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Free Inventors Conference Houston

Houston inventors are a extremely active bunch of entrepreneurs, they are so productive and successful that the city ranks fifth in inventiveness! You don't have to be a design professional or engineer to come out and see some of these bright new inventions for yourself. The HIA, Houston Inventors Association rarely host free activities in Houston, so take advantage of this unique event to meet and talk with successful inventors, whose products have finally “made it” at the Bayland Park Center.

You will hear speakers from around the city that specialize in helping professional inventors with product development, design and production, intellectual property, project funding and much more.

Watch The Best Comedians In Houston

Come out and support your local comic. The Improv showcases the "Best of Houston's" comedians this week. Some of the greatest talent in comedy like Bill Hicks, Sam Kinneson, and Brett Butler all got their start here in Houston!

If your idea of a top notch laid back evening, is letting your hair down and being entertained then check out the activities in Houston at the Improv.

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