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What a week for events in Houston. It's got to be a moviegoers paradise. I'm, talking all over town there are shows you can see many don't cost jack. So, maybe it's because of the heat, and everyone is trying to stay indoors and cool off.

I couldn't believe how many places are holding events with cinematic themes. They are showing them at social affairs, functions and other occasions in Houston. To see what I'm talking about just read on.

A Top Notch Inspirational Event In Houston

The Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival (BCIFF) founded by Shanda Davis, showcases diverse films and video projects that:

* Educate and enlighten us on political, social, psychological, economic, health, religious, and a variety of other issues,
* Offer hope and encouragement as well as inspire us to contribute towards the betterment of society and
* Display positive relationships, morals, individual, and family values.

This weekend is their annual Film Festival. To get in on the fun previewing this years submissions head over to their cyber-home @ to find all of the details for this Houston event.

A Look At The Masked Man

Aurora Picture Show has teamed up with The Menil Collection for a summer series of events in Houston!
This week they've dug deep into the vault so that you can view, High Ho Silver: A Ride Through TV Westerns. It's a clip of highlights and short excerpts from some of your best-loved old-school western TV shows.

Bring the kids and it'll be just like a trip back in time, to the golden era of television when families gathered around the TV for new episodes of Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, The Roy Rogers Show and many other six-shooter classics.

The Big Event Of The Week

Are you enthralled by the previews for the upcoming movie District 9? This hi-tech scifi-thriller about aliens landing in South Africa, where in an imitation of life, they become confined to a specific area and forced to work.

Reminds me of apartheid.

The coolest event in Houston has been getting a chance to screen the movie. I don't know how much you know, heard, or seen about this production from Peter Jackson, but he's a master of this genre.

One of driving force behind this much awaited movie event in Houston is 29-year-old Neill Blomkamp, best known for creating TV commercials for Nike and Honda as the director. It's amazing that the on screen talent in this indie production doesn't have any of the Hollywood heavyweights, but a cast of no-names.

As for the plot, it is sheer diabolical. Control, containment and communication with the aliens has been contracted out to a private company, Multi-National United (MNU). They are more interested in the the tremendous profits that can be had rather than the aliens' welfare. Pity the fools, can't make the aliens' awesome weaponry work. I could tell you more, Na..aah. Don't want to give up too much about itand spoil the movie. It'll open this weekend in Houston.

I'll just have to get back with you on the rest of the details real soon...Later

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