Free Movies In Houston This Week

movie montage

Anyone game for free movies in Houston. This week you can take a free movie home from a local video store are sit in on free flick at "Monday Movie Nights" curated by Brand X.

One way to get a free film is to visits a participating Houston BLOCKBUSTER store on June 29, 2009. You can receive a free one-day DVD rental. You want be able to take home more than 1 free rental per account. This is a freebie for Blockbuster members, you'll have to join to get in on the special deal.

Free Film @ Domy Books

Weird Science gets revisited during Domy Books Houston "Monday Night" free movie. Showtime: 830-1030pm. For those who don't remember the 80's film. It involves two teenage dorks that hack into a computer and make the girl of their dream.

She magically provides a car, fake IDs, cool clothes and carefully steers events so that the normally-shy teens are forced to appear tough and in-charge under pressure.

Free movies are just a few of the cool things happening in Houston this week. You can be sure that I'll have a few more details about having fun on the fourth of July later in the week, so check back often and remember to let the fun be with you.

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