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The folks at Houston Tours always have some cool places to take you to visit, adding sightseeing excursions to your list of things to do this summer in Houston is way to chase foo fighters and boredom. Their monthly "Cemetery Walk: Mausoleums & More Tour" that takes you around the beautiful grounds, of Forest Park Lawndale Funeral Home and Cemetery. It's picturesque layout is punctuated by intriguing monuments and a beautiful iconic-looking mausoleum.

Mausoleum in Forest Park lawndale Houston

Visiting cemeteries has not always been viewed as being creepy. In the 1860s one of the country’s premier attractions was the Green-Wood Cemetery in New York. It ranked up there with Niagara Falls as a tourist destination, with half a million people visiting their each year, that’s just counting the live ones.

Visit The Catacombs At Forest Park Cemetery

The catacomb at Forest Park Lawndale is known for its magnificent exterior architectural features and the beautiful ornate designs inside the mausoleum. It's a short 10 minutes from downtown and cloistered by a bayou and homes, built in the late 20s in a nearby neighborhood that sit atop a small hill.

The tree-lined cemetery is on Houston's National Register of Historical Places, and has been a popular place to "RIP" for many of Houston's earliest Mexican-Americans, Greeks and Buddhist. Forest Park prides itself as the resting place of choice for many of Texas's and the nations important and prominent citizens.

Tours In Houston

Houston tours takes you on three-hour fun and fact-filled bus and walking tours. History buffs and inquiring minds can visit the city's earliest cemeteries, historic buildings, and notable (and notorious) citizens. You bet, these tours are camera-friendly and they welcome anyone who wants to bring their EMF meters to capture Houston's paranormal ghosts & spirits.
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This summer, the tour will not be suitable for people who have difficulty standing or walking. They're still working on getting a bus that's wheelchair-accessible. But, for those who plan to attend, wear comfortable shoes to the cemetery tour, because it's a huge place and sometimes it be muddy.

This early example of the “American cemetery” was established in 1922 with 49 acres. Today the property has expanded to over 300 acres, making it one of the largest cemeteries in the country.

This Summer's Houston Tours For Groups or Individuals

If you're looking for fun things to do in Houston this summer try any of the exciting sightseeing adventures from Houston Tours, they deserve a place on yours, your family's or your favorite group of friend's schedule, make your reservations now, (the sooner the better) at Oh yeah, even if you can't go, tell someone to visit Midtownlive to find out about Houston Tours.

When: Weekends
Where: Forest Park Lawndale

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