3 Sweet Things to Do In Houston On Mother's Day

I found 3 sweet things to do on Mother's Day in Houston, that will remind your mom why you're the apple of her eye. You'll see your mom beam with pride if you take her to any or all of these Houston events.

Mother's Day Entertainment

Your mom will glow with delight when you take her to celebrate Mother's Day at an Ensemble Theatre performance. Let Houston's oldest African American theater dazzle you mother during Their Heart of the Theatre subscription Drive this weekend. It features, Ella Joyce, an acclaimed actress starring in a special tribute to the mother of the civil rights movement Rosa Parks.

Joyce stars in a one-women show, A Rose Among Thorns: A Dramatic Tribute to Rosa Parks. The show captures the humble demeanor that focused world-wide attention on the civil rights movement in America. It was Parks' refusal to give up her seat, on a bus to a white women, that caused an incident, that quickened an end to Jim Crow laws.

This Mother's Day show will inspire and encourage old and young moms in Houston, to stay strong through modern challenges that face them. This moving performance takes place at Wortham Center. If you're already a subscriber to the Ensemble this event is gratis, (free) for you and a guest to see this awesome Houston event.

Every Mom Deserves A Mother's Day Cruise

You'll create a special moment in time, when you cruise with Mom onboard a yacht. Surprise her with a short trip past the Kemah Boardwalk, fabulous million dollar yachts and homes. This will be remembered as a world class gift and a special Mother's Day in Houston event. She will dine in style on a gourmet dinner buffet with bottomless champagne glasses and serenaded with live entertainment as you sail around the placid Clear Lake area. She'll crown you the sweetest son/daughter on earth after experiencing a Mother's Day cruise.

Free Things To Do On Mother's Day

How about something free to do on Mother's day, that's close as down the block. Just take your mom to the local Cold Stone Creamery for a free delicious helping of ice cream. The 9 greater Houston area stores will start serving these scoops of smiles at 1pm up until about closing time.

It's the sweetest thing you could do on Sunday afternoon, after church, or after dinner for the world's sweetest mom, Aunt or Grandmother. Better yet, grab a scoop on the way to the Rosa Parks tribute. This is one freebie that it would be shame to miss out on.
After reading about it here you can't say you didn't know where to find anything free to do on Mother's day. My hat is off to every mother in Houston, on this special day. You are the the world's original sweet things!

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