What's Happening This Week In Houston-Houston Theater

Houston Theater-Ensemble

This weekend Houston Theater goers can catch the preview for the Ensemble's latest production "Livin' Fat". The show centers around a family experiencing more out-go than money income, in their budget. The plot thickens when a family member happens upon a windfall. I want give away the entire plot, but director Eileen J. Morris molded the talented cast and lively script into a Tyler Perryesque styled believable, witty dramedy. Need more info, visit Ensemble Theater webspace.

Food and Wine Event at Houston Arboretum

I hope you're not one of the people who will miss the excellent opportunity to enjoy wine and cheese while networking with other outdoor lovers at the Houston Arboretum's nighttime adventure. The southern sky provides a ready made backdrop this weekend to enjoy food and wine on the deck overlooking the Arboretum meadow and pond.

You'll get to sample of a variety of delicious cheeses, chocolates and maybe some Texas Chenin Blanc or Merlot from Whole Foods Market. There is an optional guided walk through the moon lit woods to enjoy the sounds of owls, flying squirrels and other creatures of the night forest.

It's too late to sign up for this wine event. But you can get a spot on the waiting list for the next scheduled dine and wine program.

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