Things To Do This Weekend in Houston

I can't believe it's the weekend already? Frankly it's half over and I'm just getting around to filling y'all in on the cool things to do in Houston . I've been really busy working on my midterm project. So excess my tardiness but anywho! This weekend in Houston the ABC's are for azalea's, Beatles and cowboys.

The rodeo has to be tops on everybody's list of things to do in Houston this weekend. The Jonas Brothers are headlining the show, but every Houstonian knows that we spend far more time carousing through the exhibits and the carnival than anything else.

For those who are animal-shy how about a night filled with old school Beatles tunes. The Houston Symphony will orchestrate the sounds of John, Paul, Ringo and George Sunday night.

It's a good night to bring your kid out to hear this Houston Pops concert as Michael Krajewski, conducts original castmembers from Beatlemania”. The evening also features other well known tunes of the 60's like “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “California Dreamin’” and “Surfin’ USA.”

Sunday is the last day to get for the popular Houston event the Azalea Trails. It's thier 74th season and the mild winter has enabled local flowering shrubs to grow rich burst of colors throughout he trail.

I may not make it to any of these events if I don't get my project finished so, for now, chao!

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