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I'm not truly convinced an old misnomer can be redefined, but the documentary project conceived by photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and former New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell have taken the word blacklist outside of its old box.

If you have seen the billboards and heard the advertisements and were too busy to come out to the free First Sunday's at the museum, this week is an ideal time to head to MFAH in Midtown Houston to see "Blacklist: Volume One" in the Caroline Wiess building before this multi-sensory, stimulating exhibit closes, October 26.

Blacklist-The Houston Museum Exhibit


It's comprised of rich revealing portraitures of high-profile African Americans sharing candid glimpses into their diverse experiences of being Black in today's modern society.

Each of the notable interviewees were photographed with Greenfield-Sanders' large format camera yielding dramatically vivid images captured during thought-provoking conversations that make-up "The Blacklist" montage that includes:

The exhibit
The book
The educational lesson
The film

The dialogue with Mitchell captures the voice and emotions of some of today's well known African American faces from sports, business, Hollywood and other arenas.

Create Your Own Blacklist

Another feature of the Blacklist montage is a viral contest "Who's On Your Blacklist" that gives everyone a chance to submit a video telling their story and win a chance for it to be a part of the Blacklist.

Kudos to MFAH for garnering the honor of being the launching pad for the U.S. museum tour of these remarkable living portraitures. This is a once in a lifetime "thing to see" in a Houston Museum. The exhibit will leave feeling that you have experienced up-close and in-person the taste of triumph, struggle and joy of these notable Blacks in America's melting pot.

You can see the stirring movie trailer, reviews and other details about the Blacklist experience on the web at

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