Jazz Greats At Houston’s International Jazz Festival

Houston jazz festival poster

Man, if you’re into all that jazz stuff, then don’t miss the Houston International Jazz Festival. The line-up of stellar artist for the weekend event is set and you’ll want to be there too. More importantly the concert provides the Summer Jazz Workshop All-Stars, young, aspiring musicians from Jazz Education Inc’s summer jazz workshop with a chance to show their skills.

Their highly acclaimed program of master classes, lectures, small and large ensembles, video presentations have been attended by many of America's young musicians.

You can also expect to hear plenty of well-known international, national, regional, and local Jazz musicians perform during the weekend concert. This year’s Houston International Jazz Festival will feature Hiroshima, Ruben Stoddard of American Idol fame, The Texas Brass Band and a whole lot more.

The concert takes place at Discovery Green, formerly called the super block, it’s building a reputation as a hip place for r & r (rhythms and relaxation) with Houstonians.

Here is your chance to be a part of and proud of, the jazz education programs in this city. With your support they can continue to be a consistent force educating others about the world of jazz.

Want to know more about this weekends festival? Follow this link to The Houston International Jazz Festival website.

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Houston City said...

Hey thanks for writing about the Jazz Festival at Discovery Green. We have tons of FREE events going on at the park! Let me know if you want me to forward you a schedule or you can visit

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