Will Cheap Gas Programs Save You Money?

Man Strangled by Gas pump
Everyone is feeling the pinch from the escalating prices of automobile gas. So why aren’t more people taking advantage of the radio gas deals and gas mileage saving products?

Houston’s no different and residents are making a weekly visit to part of their strategy to find cheap gas prices. The website offers a list of stations in this area that have the lowest gas price.

The biggest question that most consumers have is whether there are mileage saving devices and gasoline price deals that really work. These “Johnny come lately” programs and devices are all over the internet and local radio stations air commercials for these products all day.

Some Gas Mileage Products Work?

Several devices that the FTC have reviewed were discussed in an interview with Laura DeMartino, a Federal Trade Commission attorney stated, “

Even for the few that worked, the gas savings was so small it didn't justify the price.”

My weeks of research on two of the most advertised programs and, have yet to find anyone anywhere that can prove any of the savings claimed in their advertisements.

Gas Rebate Programs

Trying to find cheap fuel prices has become one of the nation‘s newest past times and news outlets and websites have all started to help consumers track the lowest price of gas for just about every metropolitan area in the country and most points in between.

There are a some credible rebate programs that you can consider. Most of them are gas reward programs from the major credit card companies. They're known to offer rebates and other incentives to use their cards for gas and other purchases. However, as more people use these rebate programs, the credit card companies are cutting back on the incentives and savings these cards offer making it tougher for individuals to reap any benefits from the programs.

The best way to get extra mileage out of our vehicles is to try combining trips, using the phone more and avoiding excess weight in the trunk of your car.

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