Things You Can Do In and Around Midtown This Weekend

How to Build and Tap into Relationships using Networking.

Don’t’ let the name fool you, networking, is really jargon, for plain old meeting people. Something you can easily do.

When you attend workshops and seminars take the time to introduce yourself to as many people as possible, conference presenters and attendees. A conversation-starter can be an object; or introducing two people, offering help or just being a newcomer to the conference looking for information. If your interest is genuine, it will open the door to allow others to share themselves with you.

Conferences and workshops are perfect occasions to connect with your online friends and exchange ideas in person, for a change. Focus on connecting with people it doesn’t matter if they are decision makers or not. It’s about connecting.

If the person you're talking to isn't a candidate to become a client, perhaps they can become a joint venture partner, a vendor or a referral source.

Need something to do in Midtown this weekend ? I’ve got a place where you can put your networking skills to the test this weekend.

Ensemble Theater

Sty of the Blind Pig, by Phillip Hayes Dean. Directed by Eileen J. Morris
Drama • Classic • PG-13

Production Run: Mar. 15– Apr. 13, 2008
Preview Dates: Mar. 15, 16, 19
Opening Night: Mar. 20
Student Matinees: Mar. 26, Apr. 2, 9

The Ensemble Theatre
[Where:3535 Main Street,Houston, Texas,7702]

Women Dieing in Poverty When Will U.S. Congress Help

Did you know that, of the one billion people living in extreme poverty around the world, 70 percent are women? Or that women do about 66 percent of the world's work and yet receive less than five percent of its income? Or that women produce half the world's food but own just one percent of its farmland?
I didn’t either until I read it at Women Thrive, here is a short recap of their article and how Midtown Houston’s residents can help them.

Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive (GROWTH) Act (H.R.2965, S.2069)

This is the name of the bill currently pending in both chambers of Congress. It aims to reshape U.S. foreign aid and trade policy in four ways that empower women. WHAT DOES THE BILL DO?

1. Provide funds to help women start and grow their own business;
2. Provide training and education to women to improve their wages and working conditions;
3. Ensure that U.S. trade policy is beneficial to women and families living in poverty; and
4. Enhance women's land and property rights by prompting U.S. development agencies to work with women and organizations in the developing world addressing these disparities.

Investing in women is the surest way to end global poverty. This bill can put U.S. foreign policy on the right track toward exactly the kind of change that's needed to achieve an end to poverty.

WHAT YOU CAN DO? Join in sending a message to your Senators and Representative urging congressional passage of the GROWTH Act in 2008. If your lawmakers have not signed on as cosponsors, urge them to do so.
Here is where you can let Midtown’s voice be heard about the GROWTH Act.

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