Spring Break Houston: Unique Museums


Museum of Printing History

The Museum displays a dynamic collection of historical documents, fine art prints, and antique printing equipment. It’s more than just a museum. It is alive with exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations. There are galleries and working studios, where they demonstrate the traditional processes of lithography, letterpress printing and other crafts associated with printing history.

Visitor will find the Dharani Scroll, an 8th-century Japanese text which is commonly considered the first example of printing words onto paper; a page from William Caxton, the first printer of the English language; a Spanish-Nahuatl dictionary printed by Juan Pablos, the first printer in the Americas. In addition, the Museum contains exhibit spaces devoted to American Colonial printed documents and examples of early Texas printing.

If you want to contact them about tours visit the Print Museum Website.

Houston Fire Museum

This former fire station was proclaimed a fire museum by city council in 1977, but little was done to preserve the building. Fire Chief V. E. Rogers pushed the project off center and assigned Captain Calvin Mendel to oversee the renovation project.

Today, the Houston Fire Museum has been completely renovated and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. To find out more about the museum visit the Fire Museum website.

Museum of Funeral

The museum offers tours Monday through Friday from 10 am till 2:30pm. Tours last one hour and cover most of the artifacts in the Museum as well as little known facts of our Funeral Heritage. The tours are conducted by trained professionals who will answer any question you may have about our Funeral Heritage.

The Museum can accommodate groups of ten or more guests of all ages. They’re fully handicap accessible facility offers wheel chair access and benches from resting.

If you wild like to experience the tour in person, here is the Museum of Funeral History website.

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