Tips for Moving into a Home or Apartment.

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Weekends are known for having the shortest days of the week, so people try to squeeze 36 hours out of each of its 24 hour days.
We all have lots to do, nobody seems to have any spare time. I don’t know who came up with the term spare time and I surely don’t know anyone who has time to spare, do you?
Especially, if you’re one of the thousands of people that will spend this weekend moving into a new house or apartment. I’ve collected several resources for anyone planning to move into Midtown Houston, so that the rigors of moving don’t take all the fun out of such a happy occasion.
First let me give you some tips,

Tips for Planning Your Move.

Plan your move in advance.
When asking for an estimate give an accurate count of boxes, types and size of furniture.
Get any price quotes in writing.
Ask about forms of payment in advance.
Review details of the moving company's insurance claim procedures.
Check your homeowners or renter's insurance to see if it covers moving accidents.
Don’t turn of utilities until after you have finished moving.
Ask a friend or family member to help you supervise the move.
Never sign blank forms or document that you don’t understand.

How to Save Money on Your Next Move

Everybody can’t afford to hire a moving company, or if you’re like me, a reformed cheapskate who just prefers to do it yourself, here are few ways to save on your moving cost.

Pack and load your own stuff and pay just for the delivery truck.
Buy used boxes and packing material.
Have a yard sale to get rid of stuff you never use.
Donate gently used items to charity.
Keep all of the receipts.
Deduct your move and donations on your taxes.

My brother suggested that I mention his cost cutting measures too.
Borrow a truck from a friend or family member.
Throw away anything/everything you don’t need.
Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Kool-aid to keep the workers energized.
Throw a move my furniture party.
Never move anything you can’t put inside your car.
Invite your friends to help you move and pay them in IOU’s.

Resources for a Successful Move.

There are more things I’d like to recommend if you want to save a buck when moving out of your home or apartment. The good people at have six cost saving tips for moving, penny-pinching ideas and tip sheets on tons of stuff.

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration did a good job with your tax dollars and put together a moving checklist with helpful websites and telephone numbers.

Martha Poage moved her family nine times in eleven years, so she organized her best practical advice into a book "The Moving Survival Guide" it’s a handy tool for those of us who move less frequently.

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