What’s all this stuff I keep hearing about a problem in Midtown with the number of homeless people that gather in our area. Let’s talk facts instead of emotions.
As many as 14,000 people in Houston are homeless and despite popular belief most of them aren’t hanging out in Midtown. According to a recent survey after losing their jobs 59% of the people become homeless, it’s no secret that anyone can miss one or more paychecks and find themselves in the same situation.
Homelessness must be addressed on a larger platform than the” not in my neighborhood” mentality that seems to imply that we value our property values more than we value people. If we can put a man on the moon then surely we can put a homeless person in a house.
We should be asking the power brokers and elected officials to make ending homelessness a priority. Why settle for a transfer of the homeless population when what this city needs is a transformation of the of the homelessness situation.
Familiarizing ourselves with the real issues surrounding homelessness and becoming an advocate for change can make a real difference in the lives of our friends, family members and others who may experience these circumstances.
Or have we become a city where we would rather spend millions on Green spaces and public art and forget about the thousands of people that are sleeping on the streets.

Visit the homeless guy blog and read the journal of a homeless man who blogs from the public library in Nashville, Ten. and get a real idea of what’s happening in our cities, our country, our society to people living in challenging situations.

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